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Victory Destinations
Victory Destinations

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Envisioned Travels by Suzette!

We are dedicated to creating travel experiences that expand your world view and increase your happiness. As your personal Travel Specialist, we’ll explore the possibilities of your destination and how much or how little you want to do when you arrive.

True story, when I planned a trip to Paris and Amsterdam a few years ago, I carried a mini binder of my group’s itinerary that was filled with things to do and see in each main attraction we wanted to visit. When those traveling with me shared this with a woman on our canal cruise boat in Amsterdam, she asked to see it. I showed it to her and she flipped through it twice before handing it back to me. She then shared that she traveled the world organizing international dog shows and she had never seen anything like what I had put together. She said, “that’s an itinerary on steroids.” It was an awesome compliment.

You don’t need an itinerary on steroids, but you do need someone like us to curate travel experiences that will leave you with good stories to tell and no regrets. Only goals of wanting to go back and do it again.

Envisioned Travels by Suzette provides you with concierge travel service, worthy of bucket list checking. We’ll help you create good travel memories. Unlike travel booking sites, we’ll talk with you and answer questions. We’ll also help you navigate the ever changing COVID restrictions so that you can travel safely and not feel alone. You won’t get that type of personal service on a booking website. Let’s get you started.

Concierge Travel

We’ll take care of the details, so you can focus on the experience. Our Concierge Service will handle everything to make it as easy as possible for you to make your travel dreams a reality.

Group Travel

Explore the world in a whole new way. Let us craft your next group travel adventure that will unleash the true spirit of a place and leave you with unforgettable memories to treasure.

Curated Travel

Join one of our curated travel experiences for low-stress travel. With our expert planning service it’s easy to discover and experience the very best options for the way you want to travel.

Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

Beach wedding? Mountain honeymoon? Europe by rail? We’ll help you create a perfect destination wedding or honeymoon to celebrate your union.

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